Posted by: dsduffy | November 10, 2011


In a little over two months, I will have two schoolboys. For the first time in seven years I can go back to work, possibly, and do things that are not kid-related all day long. It is such a strange place to be, on the edge of the end of a chapter. No more playgroups, no more brightly coloured plastic toys that jingle and rattle. No more MOO sounds coming out of smiling cows or hard cardboard books filled with animals and their babies, dump trucks and dinosaurs.

Now we move onto sports equipment, swimming lessons and books with only a few illustrations. Complex building for hours at the kitchen table with tiny pieces I used to label as “chokeables.”

No more Diego, Big Bird or Yo Gabba Gabba. They have been replaced with Cartoon Network characters on shows I never heard of. I don’t even know how that happened, it just did.

Yes things change, my kids grow and there are pencil marks on the doorway to prove it. But why does it have to happen so quickly?




  1. That is just so crazy. Can’t believe your little Jake is so big already. Time really is flying by. Miss you guys! When are you coming back for good already? 😉 xoxo

  2. I find it weird when I think of how quickly it went with my second. My first stayed in that pre-schooler phase for way longer. My six year old, however, is into Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice and dancing and stuff I associated with 10 year olds! It’s a weird phase that’s for sure. Liberating, though, as well!

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