Posted by: dsduffy | November 8, 2011


My feet move on the treadmill at 9.0kph. I’ve somehow decided that this is a comfortable pace. I glance at my water bottle filled to the brim with cold water from the fountain. The girl next to me has a pink towel that she keeps wiping her forehead with. I can’t stop looking at my reflection in the tv screen in front of me – shoulders, arms, wrists, neck. The white iPhone earplugs annoy the hell out of me and I wonder if anyone enjoys running with this damn wire in their way. Is that a smile on my face? It’s hard to tell cause now the screen is so bright with Lady Gaga dancing on it. Yea, I think that was a smile.



  1. Your blog today put a big smile on my
    face. I can picture you on the treadmill, white iPhone earplugs and all ;0)

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