Posted by: dsduffy | October 20, 2011

Don’t get too comfortable

I click on the Weather Oz Lite app on my iPhone and see the forecast for the next few days: 26, 28, 30 with a yellow sunshine picture next to each day. Hooray! I pull out my thongs (flip-flops) and try on a few pairs of capris to see which ones fit from last summer and which ones are clean, hopefully there is one that ticks both boxes.  The boys pull shorts out from the bottom shelf in their closet and all is right in the world. We cover our skin in sunscreen, spend hours at the playground and stop at the Milkbar on the way home from school for an icy pole.

People are at the beach, in the water, playing in the sand. Motorcycles  blast down Beaconsfield Parade, I enjoy a glass of bubbly out on the front deck, watch the sunset and remember how lucky I am to live in such a fantastic place.

Fast forward to 3 days later and the same Weather app lists 21, 19, 17 with sad gray clouds and raindrops falling like tears. Time to reach into the jeans pile, bring an umbrella, and play UNO at the kitchen table after kinder.

Here in Melbourne, don’t get too comfortable with the weather, cause it’s bound to change.


  1. Just like everything in life…. weather changes too! Remember, Change is a good thing. It would be pretty boring if everything always stayed the same.

  2. You are right. One day 83 and hot, next day 63 and windy. I’m trying to make sense of spring… and change.

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