Posted by: dsduffy | October 6, 2011

School holidays: reality check

Visions of days frolicking around the park, exploring the city, travelling by train: destination unknown. I had these visions. I should KNOW by now how my kids are. I should know that all they want to do is play the iPad or buy stuff at the shops. These are my kids, I know what makes them happy.

Sitting on a train for two hours isn’t on their bucket list. Nor is tramming it into the city for a kid-oriented play that was stranger than strange. I try to make these activities fun, then end up frustrated and asking them why we even leave the house?! I buy them treats thinking they will be well-behaved for more than 30 seconds after the treat is consumed, but NO. They are my children, I know how they are. Why do I continue to have these fantasies of lazy days where we do crafts all day (Jake just ends up sharpening all the pencils down to stubs) or baking cookies (Cameron only comes around to steal some choc chips.)

I love my kids. I really do. But two weeks of having them together in the same house just isn’t fun. But those times when steam is pouring out of my ears because Jake just won’t listen to me, he looks back at me with those eyes and that face and says “I love you mama” and I melt. And for that moment I forget about all the expectations I have and I sink into his hug, remembering what is important: not the activities that I plan, but the fun that ends up happening when we least expect it.


  1. i think having two boys is harder then any other combination. x.

  2. Boy, oh boy, does this bring back memories. I remember thinking these same thoughts when Craig & Jay were young. …. thinking “why do I even bother”?!! But we want the best for our kids, so we keep on trying! And, oh, can I ever picture that “Jake look” … he sure knows how to work the crowd …. so darn cute! I know it’s not easy right now raising two boys, but, somehow …. just somehow ….. they turn out to be just awesome, civilized people!

  3. One of the things that kind of freaks me out is all the breaks betweens terms there. I am a firm believer in daycamps:) Because when we are all around each other all the time for extended periods — we drive each other nuts. Luckily my kid LOVE daycamps. I hope they offer them there like they do here!!

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