Posted by: dsduffy | September 29, 2011

Rain rain GO AWAY!

Doesn’t Mother Nature know that it is School Holidays here in Victoria? Hello? She should be nice enough to grace us with sunshiney days, kissed with a light breeze. How dare she deliver these windy as heck, pouring with rain COLD Spring days! Days where I wake up and wonder, what will I do with these boys today?

Well, I do what every other mum is doing, take them to a movie. Take them bowling. Go grocery shopping.

No playgrounds, no long bike rides, no lazing at the beach with a picnic lunch. No afternoon long walks exploration through the Botanic Gardens.

Hopefully next week Mother Nature will turn on some spring weather for us.



  1. The sun is going to shine all of next week. If you want to take the kids out try the Free Junior Rangers school holiday program (it’s right behind the zoo) It’s at the gorgeous wetlands at Royal Park and it’s run by City of Melbourne Park Rangers

  2. Ah, the memories of living in the USA… We have lots and lots of rain, thunder storms, not to mention the mountains of snow. Don’t worry, “the sun will come out tomorrow” Back to the beach, bike rides and just plain old outside fun with the kids.

  3. Ride to the top of Eureka Tower or the other tower? What about the indoor gym place at Docklands?? Hopefully, weather will improve soon & you can do all the outdoor things you all love!

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