Posted by: dsduffy | September 23, 2011

School holidays, explained

We moved to Australia in the month of September, and since I had kids that were not school aged (18 mo & 3.5) I had no knowledge of what the school year schedule looked like. I didn’t know that the school year began in Feb, was broken up into four terms with 2 week “school holidays” breaks in between each term. And then in December/January, there is a 6 week summer break. So when we arrived and I began calling around to get Cameron into preschool kindergarten it ended up being extra frustrating and confusing because it was during School holidays.

Phone call after phone call, I was left scratching my head wondering why nobody answered the phone! Finally I reached Hilary at the Kinder that Cameron eventually got into, and she explained the whole system to me. Her school was only open during that time because they held a school holiday program.

During the three 2-week breaks, there are heaps of activities for kids, as well as all-day programs to put them in, which is great for working parents. The shopping mall has activities – crafts related to a specific character, little shows or sports activities (2 years ago we waited in line for an hour for Cameron to shoot a  basketball 5 times.) They always seem to release kid movies right during school holidays and there are always special events at the museums, zoos and aquarium.

Many families take this time to go on a holiday, off to Bali for 2 weeks sounds pretty good to me!

This time around, Cameron is going to diving camp for 3 days, we have a day trip to Bendigo planned, and I am sure we will fit “The Smurfs” in. Thankfully the weather is nice so we can spend time meeting friends at the park, on the beach or go for a long bike ride.


  1. I have been thoroughly confused about the school year/holiday schedule. I was an elementary teacher before moving to Australia, so I was trying to follow when the kids are in and out in case I decided to substitute… whoa! There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to their holiday schedule, but I think (as a teacher) I could get used to it!

    I wish they had diving came when I was a kid. : )

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