Posted by: dsduffy | August 22, 2011

A glimpse

He treks up the two flights of stairs in the dark of the night, not quiet enough that I don’t hear him. He’s at my side of the bed, his little hands touch my shoulder while whispering, “momma I don’t feel good.” I am instantly wide awake and tell him to come into bed with me, and have a cuddle. As soon as I feel his body, I know he is not well, he has a fever and our plans change. I scoop him up and head downstairs, place him on the cool countertop in the kitchen and search for the Nurofen in the cabinet by the light of the stove. He sips cool water after the medicine is squirted in his mouth and he lets out an, “ahhhh.” He reaches out for me and I carry him back down to his bed. Tucked safe and warm in his bed, I kiss his head twice, pull his covers tight around him and turn the cd player on to lull him back to sleep.

Back in bed, I look at the clock on the phone, 3:35am. As much as I would love to get a full night’s sleep, I have these two little boys that depend on me for love, comfort, guidance. I don’t have to be at a desk in an office at 9am. I don’t have to be on conference calls or stand at the copy machine making copies of things that don’t matter to me. This is my job, for now, and I am honored  to do it.



  1. Motherly Love is the best medicine for any child. Fatherly Love is right up there too ;0)

  2. Special post…almost brought a tear. Cheers! 🙂

  3. Best job in the world . . .

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