Posted by: dsduffy | July 19, 2011

A visitor! A visitor!

We are all excited for Grammy to arrive in just two days! The boys keep asking me “How long until Grammy comes? Is she on the plane now?” We haven’t had a visitor since my mom flew home with me from our Christmas trip in January 2010, and then we had my cousin that was studying abroad in Brisbane here for a weekend, but that’s it.

I know, it is very far away, expensive, etc, etc, etc. But still! We love to have visitors! Thankfully Grammy is able to get time off of work to come stay with us in AU and join us on a holiday in Port Douglas, where we will spend 10 days lazing in the sun.

The thought of having a family member here with us is just so exciting. I always take notice of grandparents with their grandkids and get a little jealous, so I will definitely enjoy seeing her with the boys, spending quality time with them.



  1. Yea! Have a wonderful visit:)

  2. How exciting! Have a wonderful time. x

  3. I know you are all going to have a wonderful time together. Hugs to everyone ;0)

  4. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing about your experiences. My husband may be offered a one-year expat business position in the Sydney area. We have three children whom we would uproot from their current Nashville home to experience an amazing year in Australia. I was an exchange student back when I was in high school, so I remember the culture shock, the joy of learning a new culture, the ache of missing family back home. Your posts give me hope that yes, a move such as this can be done with children!

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