Posted by: dsduffy | July 10, 2011

All over dinner at Pizza Hut

Without getting into it too much (mostly because I can’t remember all the fine details) I talked my parents into finally getting married over a deep dish pizza with extra cheese. I’m pretty sure there was a pitcher of Cherry Coke on the table, but I can’t be certain.

When I say parents, I mean my mom and my step-dad, but it doesn’t do him justice to say step-dad because he really is just my dad. For whatever reasons, they weren’t married for awhile but we lived together and loved each other like they were. My dad would do all the fatherly things with us (including discipline and lecturing, oh the lecturing!) as well as teaching me to drive and the importance of the Blues Brothers.  Even though we lived like any other family, I continued to pester them to tie the knot. Finally they took my advice and in that dim dirty restaurant (that I loved so much) announced to us that they were going ahead with it. According to my memory, I jumped out of my seat with excitement and hugged them both, so happy they finally listened to me. I know they would have done it eventually, but I like to think that it was because me.

Happy Anniversary to my parents, 19/29! Love you both, all the way from the other side of the planet.



  1. Happy Anniversary Lois and Mitch – enjoy your special day! Would that be the (old) pizza hut in the ellisburg circle??

    • It was the Pizza Hut next to where Barnes & Noble is now… I think the restaurant Pietro’s was built where Pizza Hut was. It was a meal to remember for sure ;0)

  2. Beautiful Post! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. Atleast one of us has memory for these things, I will continue to rely on you my sister….

  3. this is the sweetest.

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