Posted by: dsduffy | June 1, 2011

Wednesday, 1st of June

Oh Facebook, I love you for your keeping-me-feeling connected ways and for allowing me to see the smiling faces of children and people I haven’t seen in way too long. But days like today? I want to punch you in your lower-case blue-fonted face. Status updates of “it’s soo hot” “pool, here we come!” in between photos of adorable kiddos beachside, playing with shovels or of car dashboards with temperature readings of 98 (f.)

This morning we woke up to 3 degrees (c) and it was COLD. Thankfully the skies were blue and the sun warmed the air up to 18 or so, but still, the calendar reads JUNE 1, which means the official start of WINTER here in the Southern Hemisphere.

So excuse me while I wrap my scarf around my neck, and mutter to myself while reading Facebook updates of those lucky people living up over in the summer sun.




  1. And it sure feels good (although too hot, too soon)! You had your turn when we were freezing our little butts off here! Now it’s our turn! And you don’t get ALL that cold there … you can handle it! Love you … miss you!

  2. There are many things to enjoy about Fall/Autumn and Winter, but I just think your brain is programmed to think that June = Summer! I can’t imagine what that must be like, or if you can ever get used to opposite seasons!?!?

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