Posted by: dsduffy | May 30, 2011

Shop Online for shoes in Australia? Don’t mind if I do!

Online shopping. For those if you in the Northern Hemisphere, or anywhere outside of Australia for that matter, it has become the normal way of shopping. You can easily hop onto the net, type in a web address, and boom – there you are. Pages after pages of items that with a few clicks, sends the ball rolling. Your items are chosen off shelves in warehouses, packaged and boxed up for shipment. Some places offer next day delivery, but for the most part you will receive your order in a few days.

I always loved getting the deliveries. It was fun to open up the box, rip off the plastic wrap and check out my loot. I loved trying things on in the privacy of my home, and felt confident that if it didn’t fit, I could easily return it via mail.

Almost three years ago, my online shopping hobby came to a halt. I was able to shop and have it shipped to a family member and then have them ship it to me, but that gets a little pricey. So I saved that method for when I really needed something that I just couldn’t get in Australia.

But I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I often find myself looking for websites of Australian stores and brands I like only to find that they don’t offer online shopping. Well, those days are over. Thanks to Westfield, shopping online for shoes is possible! Each shoe store that is located in the Westfield Shopping Centre has its shoes available online! Now I no longer have to bribe my four-year-old with ice cream for 15 minutes of shopping at the mall. I can view all the shoes online at my leisure and place my order from the comfort of my couch.

Australia – watch out! Westfield is paving the way for the ease of online shopping down under, and I’m thrilled!

*Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post to help promote However, my opinions are entirely my own.



  1. How exciting for you. I know how you love to shop ;0) Wonder where you got that trait from. I will miss getting your packages, ripping them open and re-packing them in the smallest envelope or box I can find and shipping it to you. You know, we never minded doing that. But now, you have found a new love, Enjoy shopping!

  2. I wanted to buy fashionable clothes,so i am looking for best online Private Shopping Club in Australia.I have gone many websites still looking for best with unbeatable price. Can anyone help me out.

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