Posted by: dsduffy | May 2, 2011


Last year we signed Cameron up to play footy (Aussie Rules Football) with Auskick. It is for kids from kinder – grade 2. He loved it  last year an we were excited to do it again this year, with Jake joining in the fun.

Unfortunately Jake was a bit shy and decided he didn’t want to play, so he just watched and took it all in. Maybe next week he will be keen to join in. Cameron on the other hand, was running, kicking and handballing for the entire 2 hours, it was great to see!

Cameron in action



  1. Love it!! Welcome to team sports! They are adorable and you will make many memories and enjoy good times on the field.

  2. Awesome! – do they say that here?

  3. Hi Dan-knee-elle

    My name is Anne and I’ve just found your blog, and have been enjoying reading about some of your experiences. I have just done the opposite to you. I have moved from Melbourne to Washington DC. It’s been interesting reading about the new things you’ve come across in Melbourne, the nappies, the ladybirds, Auskick (Go Hawks).
    I’m considering doing a blog about an Australian in the States. Food would be a big topic.

    Anyway, just thought I’d say hi.

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