Posted by: dsduffy | May 1, 2011

*Insert snarky title here

I’m at  a loss these days. I come to this blank “page” and stare. I think to myself, what can I write about tonight. No, not that, can’t talk about that..nope, not that either. Or that? No – I’ve covered that topic a zillion times. So days go by and nothing is entered.

I have a lot I would love to write about, but choose not to. Not yet at least. And that dreaded question that strangers love to ask me ” So, how long are you going to be staying?” seems to irk me more and more lately. Who cares anyway. I am here now. My kids are happy, my husband and I are happy living here and we are just here. So there.



  1. After being here 10 years, I JUST got asked how long was I on holidays here. Yeah, somedays its urks me more than others.

  2. I enjoy everything you write, so in my opinion you don’t have to be so censored in deciding what to write about. But then again, writing is not MY strength, and I do not have a blog, so I bet it must be difficult at times to decide what to put out there in blogland. I check your blog daily to see if there is a new entry. The last entry was about leaving on holiday, but you have not yet written about the experience or where you were, even just a funny thing that happened. You have so much to share about your travels, experience, and even everyday life happenings. I say – keep writing 🙂

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