Posted by: dsduffy | April 19, 2011

Sometimes I really miss…

Besides the obvious (family & friends) I find myself still missing the modern conveniences that I took for granted back in the States. Things like drive-thru ATM’s, pay at the pump petrol stations, and the drive-thru pharmacy. I’ve gotten quite used to parking, taking the tram or walking to an ATM but oh how I miss the ease of the drive-up version. And it’s quite annoying to have to wait at the pharmacy with a sick child for medicine, after already waiting forever at the doctor’s office, the drive-thru pharmacy is just such a great idea.

And besides convenient things, there are other places I wish I could just transport myself to, if only just a day. Panera bread for their creamy broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl, ColdStone Creamery for just about anything, Chili’s for the chicken fajitas (YUM!) , DSW Show Warehouse if only to peruse the aisles lined with shoes. I could go on and on, and I have several times, but no matter how long I am away from the US, I still miss the comforts of home, and some of them can’t be replaced for forgotten about.



  1. Those places miss you too! I bet you also have a list of things that you love in AU. that we don’t have in the States. Looks like you have been experiencing the “best of both worlds”

  2. I prefer Australia to America hands down…but there are still things I miss terribly! Like using a dryer…no one I know here uses one. It took 4 days to dry some pillows this week!! Same goes with central heat and air. We also don’t have a dishwasher…so all house chores here seem to take ages! I’d love to go to a REAL Mexican restaurant. As much as I HATED Walmart when I was back home, I miss it now. Funny that they don’t have drive through pharmacies, but do have drive through liquor stores.
    I love Australia though, and there is plenty about Australia that makes those little “comforts” seem less important.

  3. i’m such an american girl…very much like you.

  4. As an Aussie ex Ocean State expat I loved the pharmacy drive thru window. Who needs to skid on the slush and take all your germs inside the store? Ditto pay at the pump gas, or better still someone else to pump that gas! Akroezen I’m told there is a reasonable Mexican place in Johnston Street Fitzroy, between Nicholson and Brunswick Streets. Best to take public transport because parking around there is scarce. What I really miss from RI is Dels and Autocrat cawfee syrup. And, believe it or not ,Dunkin Donuts drive through Iced Coffee!

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