Posted by: dsduffy | April 13, 2011

Here you go lady*

It’s school holidays (the 2+ weeks off between school terms, it is at the SAME TIME  for the entire State, brilliant I say!) We are busy with an Intensive swimming program every day this week, playdates, dinner dates, movie dates, etc etc. Then on Friday we are heading up to Inverloch with our good friends where we will spend Easter, our 3rd year in a row together which we all look forward to.
Having school all year round (I consider it all year round, since we only have 7 or so weeks off during Summer for Christmas) we get 3 big breaks (School holidays.) There are School Holiday programs every where, heaps of activities and special stuff on for kids at Shopping Centres, libraries, museums, etc. They really do a good job giving us options to keep these kids active and out of the house. Next week we have 2 mornings at a Lego educational centre and maybe an afternoon at the indoor pool. I do love having this time with my boys, although I complain about it (the fighting!) but when it comes down to it, it won’t be long before the boys are out of the house and not wanting to spend time with me. So I will take this time and just soak it in.

*Title has nothing to do with content



  1. You have to be kidding…your boys will be around for years! lol I was going to mention to you today about the Bendigo Easter Festival…maybe next year. Enjoy your holidays…aka…vacation. Cheers! x

  2. I think the title is Great!

  3. Lego educational center? I am currently googling as we speak. We are off to Queenscliff tomorrow to see Thomas the Tank engine. Can you say obsessed? 🙂

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