Posted by: dsduffy | March 31, 2011

A ladybird?

Two and a half years is apparently not enough time to live in an english-speaking new country to come across all the language differences. I thought I was hearing her wrong when I overheard a mum at swimming lessons read a picture book to her 1-year-old daughter as she pointed to the red bug with black spots. “And what is this one?” pointing to what I would call a ladybug. “Ladybird, that’s right!” I don’t know this other mum, so I didn’t want to just butt in and ask what she said, but I was pretty sure she didn’t say ladyBUG. I had to ask one of my Aussie friends the next day,and sure enough, they are knows as ladyBIRDs. Ok, whatever.



  1. Imagine how confusing that is for a not native English speaking person!
    I remember that they call it ladybird in the uk too and I always thought, why bird it’s a bug.. But as we know language varies, changes and sometimes doesn’t make sense. No matter what it’s a cute little bug

  2. Hmmmmm …. guess it makes sense since they can fly??

  3. Ha ha ha. Ok why bangs and not a fringe?? I can empathise I thought I knew English then I moved to England – strimmer, plimsoll’s and bogof’s anyone??

  4. Hah! I know I always feel like I am starting to speak “fluent australian” and then something comes up and I am all “I am sorry, but is that really a thing?”

  5. i am going to ask quinn about the ladybirds later.

  6. My (American) wife has been in Australia five years now (and recently became a citizen) but we are still finding language differences.

    It happens less and less frequently but there are still rare words/situations that pop up every now and again that we still go “ahh I didn’t know that” (it goes both ways … her noticing Australianisms and me noticing Americanisms).

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