Posted by: dsduffy | March 15, 2011

Camping: a like-affair

No, I would not say that I love camping. Like, yes. But love? Not that far.

I can see why people enjoy it, and may *gasp* love it. You’ve got the great outdoors. The star-filled skies. The forced break from technology (although at one point I almost lost my mind when I could not charge my iPhone. I got over it, kind of.) The hanging out and chatting with friends and family around the ol’ campfire. The kids splashing around in the mountain water stream, collecting rocks and perfecting the rock skip. Feeling relaxed and delighting in seeing the kids so happy to run around the campground with their new-found posse of best friends.

Yes I see the lure of all this. But in order to enjoy these things, you have to pack all the crap, cram it into your car and bring lots of “just in case” items that you most likely won’t use but will be thrilled that you brought if they are in fact needed. You have to endure not-so-clean toilet facilities, brushing your teeth at a sink surrounded by grasshoppers and other creepy crawlers.

During our three-day weekend of camping in the High Country. we had beautiful days. I never wore any of my long sleeve shirts or jeans, scarf or even my running shoes. I lived in my flip-flops (which also came with dirty feet) and only wore my rain jacket on part of Sunday when it rained. Ah, yes. Raining and camping isn’t the best combination I can attest to that. Although, we did make the best of it and really the only long-lasting effects are the boys’ muddy shorts and undies. Yes, I can admit it – camping is fun. Although somewhat stressful (searching in the dark in the tent is a bit annoying, even though I had a flashlight) and dirty (Jake rode home in long pajama pants and no undies) it is still fun.



  1. Great post, amazing new adventure, love the photos!! 🙂

  2. Love the photos … such a wonderful experience for the boys! Didn’t realize it was Labor Day Weekend there this weekend …. two years ago this weekend that Craig & I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge! You all look wonderful & so happy. Love you all!

  3. Sorry for the “intrusion post” :D. I wanted to share the link of that writing forum. It is: I am still working on the setup and details but you should be able to register an account. Hope to see you there!

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