Posted by: dsduffy | February 16, 2011


I’ve finally taken a lot of people’s advice and signed up for a writing class. It starts on 1st of March (online class, the best way to go!) I also received a writing book from my fantastic and very thoughtful friend and it has prompted me to open up a blank Word doc and get typing. Wow is it thrilling to just write. And write for just me. I find myself feeling so many things – empowered, excited, scared, frustrated and vulnerable. I started typing and am amazed at where the words have taken me. I have only started one writing exercise and already I am thinking about my characters and what they can do while I’m sitting at traffic light.

Who knows if anything will come out of it, but for now I’m having fun and feel good about having something to focus on.



  1. I am very excited for you. You are putting all those wonderful words to such great use. You must have always had this talent in you… You talked from the moment you were born! You go girl! Do it for you;0)

  2. That’s just great, Dan …. you write so beautifully! I can envision you being interviewed on The Today Show as the best new writer of the year. Enjoy every line you write!

  3. You are amazing and leave me speechless! I love the way you write, and am so happy that you have found your special gift and that you are doing something just for YOU! Love…

  4. You are good at expressing yourself in writing and I can tell you enjoy it. Your blog has led to an undiscovered talent. I always wonder what talents we have that we didn’t know about because it never occurred to us to try it. Writing is a very unique way of expressing ourselves.

  5. may i ask where you are taking the class online? sounds wonderful!

  6. and PS good luck!

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