Posted by: dsduffy | February 7, 2011

While you are still 3

When I put you to bed tonight and whispered in your ear, “you’ll never be 3 again my little boy,” tears welled up in my eyes as you smiled and gave me a big hug. Tomorrow morning you will turn 4 years old, leaving any signs of babyness behind. For you are all big-boy now. You keep up with your 6 year old brother and his friends with no problem, playing the same games and watching the same tv shows (although you would rather watch Diego, you laugh at Phineas & Ferb right along with Cameron.) You still snuggle with me and let me “baby” you but I know that I shouldn’t, and I should just let you turn into the big boy that you already are.

At four, you have already lived in Australia for more than half of your life. I thought that you’d be talking like a complete Aussie, but it isn’t so. Funny, it took you that long to try and actually eat Vegemite (last Friday!)

You definitely know what you want, you are determined to get things and throw quite a fit if things don’t go your way. You are (thankfully) easier to rationalize with these days, and spend more and more time playing nicely with your brother. I love that you guys make up your own games, turning the top bunk into a spaceship, or pretending the carpet is hot lava. Everything can be turned into a gun, who knew?

I love your smile, and the way you smile totally different when there’s a camera in your face. I love that you love dance music (Dynamite!) and will  “shake your tushie” like a pro. I love that when you drink a whole glass of milk you fall back in  your chair, close your eyes and breathe heavy saying how filled your belly is. You sure love milk. And for a kid that didn’t eat much, you have finally started trying more things and have added some more healthy options to your diet. We have put a lot of effort into it, and I am proud to say it is finally working!

The other day I said I didn’t want you to grow up and get big, I wanted you to stay little. Your reply, which completely melted my heart, was “It’s ok mommy, when I get big, I’ll give you bigger hugs.”

I find myself staring at you, watching you watch tv, seeing your reaction to something funny, or listening to your dialogue while you play with lego and I’m in the kitchen making dinner. You will talk for hours (apparently I was the same way as a child…and maybe even still?) so much so that I have to put you to bed a good half hour before Cameron or else you will keep him up with all your chatter. I really want to remember your little body and voice, but each day it seems your legs are getting longer and you understand more and more about the world.  

I love when I’m the only one awake in the morning and I hear your little footsteps padding up the stairs, sometimes you try to scare me and of course I play along, maybe one day you will figure out you have to walk a little quieter! It’s always just you and me first thing in the morning and I love our morning cuddles, which last only until you request your beloved milk and daily vitamin.

I love when you pronounce package “patchage” and the classic “psghetti” along with “exstroy” instead of destroy. Lately you count everything in sight and it makes me laugh out loud when you go from 29 to 20 10, 20 11  instead of 30, 31. And just today when I picked you up at kinder, you ran to me with open arms, and jumped up and when I held you, you wouldn’t let go, just like a little koala bear. It’s times like that, when I feel so lucky to have you and your brother in my life. I feel so honoured to be your mother and watch you both grow up.

So thank you, my sweet Jakey for driving me crazy, making me laugh and showing me the world through your eyes. Happy 4th Birthday my little monkey.

Jake, nearly 4



  1. Happy Birthday Jake!! It’s been so cool keeping up with all the fun, new and crazy things you’re doing! We were so happy to see you and your family at Christmas and always look forward to seeing new pictures of you on your mom’s facebook page and hearing all about your awesome adventures in the land down under! (oh, and don’t worry, you’ll never be too big to give your mommy hugs and kisses♥) How DID that vegamite taste??
    Pat, Bill, Liam and Kira

  2. Happy Birthday Jake from Jan, Darcey & Kelsey. xxx

  3. Beautiful story! We love you Jake and wish you a very happy 4th birthday! We have experienced many of these things with you. We miss the little pitter-patter of your feet and the door cracking open when you come into our bed in the morning, the OMG expression when playing with our giant Nerf guns in the basement, fun in the snow and zip line rides, being silly together, one bite of your bagel and cream cheese and you’re “done”, one more “mallow” (marshmallow) before getting you to take a nap…the list goes on! You are a very smart, funny, energetic, curious little boy and we are so lucky to have you in our lives! Much love always, Aunt Steshie, Uncle Ted, Jason & Jared 🙂

    • Love it! We all had so much fun at your house- all 4 boys sure is exciting!! Jake loves his Aunt Steshie Uncle Ted Jared & Jason so much!!

      Danielle 0423.322.367

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Happy, Happy 4th Birthday, Jake!!! What a beautiful note from your Mom for her special boy. We hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Stopping by from the Twitter Hop! You’re making me cry! My DD turns 4 this year. I wish they would stay little forever : (

  6. P.S. Happy Birthday Jake : )

  7. Happy 4th Birthday, sweet little Jake! You are quite an amazing little boy! This surely has been “de ja vu” for me, reliving life with two little boys! It’s so wonderful that your Mommy is keeping a chronicle of all this …. sometimes I can’t quite remember what it was like when your Dad & Uncle Jay were little. You give the bestest bear hugs … I’ll never forget the fantastic bear hug you gave me when you left our house the day after Christmas in the snowstorm. I love that you told your Mom that you’ll give her bigger & better hugs … don’t ever forget to do that! Remember always how much you are loved! We miss you! Hugs & Kisses, Grammy

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