Posted by: dsduffy | January 11, 2011

Summer break aka School Holidays aka January

Yea so I am just as confused as you probably are…January and summer in the same sentence? Will I ever get used to this? Will I ever stop asking this question? Perhaps.

The day after we returned from winter/the Northern Hemisphere, it was Hot Hot Hot. Like 40c hot. (Think 104f, yes that is HOT.) I spent 2 days in a row across the street at the beach, lazing around, building, digging, hydrating, snacking on grapes. It was lovely. And now it is rainy and humid and just blech. I am waiting for a real dose of summer before the boys return to school in a mere 3.5 weeks.  Where are the the bluest of blue skies with that soft seabreeze, and waves just big enough for the boys to bodyboard in?

I want to spend so much time at the beach that I become a pro at erecting the bloody umbrella. Yes, that was my umbrella that was lifted up by the wind last week and almost beheaded the nice lady standing in the water. I’m gonna get it right one of these days. I want the barista at The Sandbar to know me by name, and to know how I like my coffee. I want my friends not to call me,but  rather walk over to my spot and there we will be, digging the biggest hole to… (China? where do Aussie kids dig to?)

C’mon summer, show  your face, will ya?



  1. You are building sand castles and we are shoveling mountains of snow! Between the two of us, we have the best of both worlds! (no pun intended)

  2. China too! 😀

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