Posted by: dsduffy | December 31, 2010

Not the official post-America trip update

Wow. That was a quick 3 weeks, and a long 3 days to get back here.

I think we got the most our of trip back to the States, as much as we could have in the short time we were there. The first part of it was spent celebrating my nephew’s bar mitzvah, and what a great time it was! I held back rivers of tears many times, and only broke down once (I think I snuck away to the bathroom for that one) just from the sheer mix of emotions: my goodness my first nephew is 13, I am so happy to be here witnessing this, being here with everyone makes me realize how much changes in a year is. It was so overwhelming to walk into the temple and be reunited with a lot of my family members for the first time in a year, and some of them even longer. A few of my aunts and uncle had never even met Jake! It was such a whirlwind day and ended in perfection – on a dance floor with the music pumping, singing and letting loose. To see my sister that happy was something I will always remember.

After that, we spent time with our good friends, cousins, parents and siblings. It was definitely jam-packed with quality time with family, and that is exactly what we wanted. If I am correct, we stayed at 5 different houses, but moved around 8 time. We still left a trail of forgotten items, which is inevitable when you are living out of suitcases and trying to keep track of a lot of STUFF.

The day before we were due to leave Philadelphia, a major snowstorm hit (dubbed Snowpacolypse) which shut down all major NY and NJ airports. Thankfully Philly was still operating but our flight was delayed (not due to the weather, but because the pilot hadn’t arrived!) and we missed our connection to LA. We ended up taking the 4 hour delayed flight to LA and stayed in our trusty Hacienda Hotel (we stayed there on our Big Move to Australia back in 2008, total coincidence I think) as it is advertised as a hotel for “distressed passengers.” We got a few hours of sleep and then over a fabulous diner-style breakfast we decided to head to the California Science Center for the day. We finally ended up on the 10:30pm flight to Australia which made a stop in Sydney, then back home to Melbourne Thursday morning at 11:45am. To say it was a long 3 days is an understatement, but from the news reports of people still stuck in NY airports, we made the right decision to get out of there asap.

I’m still getting my bearings and sorting through my feelings about the trip, and will sum them up at some point. What I can say for sure is it was great to spend that much time with our families, and that is the most important thing.



  1. Loved the time we had together! Miss you already!

  2. welcome back. happy new year.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Good idea to make a visit to the science center. I bet your kids loved it. Happy 2011!

    • We really wanted to go up to Legoland, but it was too far from the airport and didn’t think we would have enough time. Next time for sure!

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