Posted by: dsduffy | December 16, 2010

Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere!

We arrived here exactly a week ago and I swear it feels like we entered a time warp. It is so strange to go back to a place you haven’t been to in a year and it seems the same, but you have changed so much. Let me back up and get to the important part: the three plane rides were not bad! The kids were GOOD. Yes I said it! The security queues weren’t crazy, the whole experience was long as all heck, but it wasn’t god-awful like I had expected! Ahhh so big sigh of relief there, and I can relax about the ride back.

All in all it has been awesome seeing everyone. We spent the first few days at my sister’s house preparing for my nephew’s bar mitzvah and greeting more out of towners. I was able to sneak in some shopping at the real Target (I could spend hours and hundreds there!) and a quick trip to some other favorite stores. It is funny going into a store thinking “I need to stock up for the next year.” But that is how I roll on my around the planet visits. Good thing we brought an empty suitcase! 

Let’s see what else….oh yea – it is FREEZING here! The past couple of days there has been snow flurries and the temp has been below freezing. So needless to say we are not spending a lot of time outside and when we are going outside we run to the car and back to the house again.  And now I am just really looking forward to spending more time with friends & family and having a proper “winter” Christmas and seeing the joy on  the boys faces Christmas morning!



  1. Only one word can describe how we all feel about having you visit us and being able to spend some time together …. PRICELESS…

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