Posted by: dsduffy | December 7, 2010

Time traveller

At this time tomorrow we will be waiting for the taxi to arrive. Our bags will be waiting by the front door, I will be running around like a crazy person cleaning the sink and straightening up the toys for the fiftieth time.

We are Americabound tomorrow, for a 3 week trip back “up over.” We are travelling across the international date line, out of summer and into the winter. Leaving behind my Havaianas and slipping into winter coats and gloves. Stepping away temporarily from our life here, pushing the big ol’ Pause button of life and landing in a familiar place that has probably changed since we’ve been gone, or have we changed, or both.

I’ve been preparing Jake for this trip the best I can. Every day in the car I remind him that he has to be on his best behaviour on the plane (“I know, mom”) and that we may have to wait in long lines but we can’t control it and we just all have to be good (“Ok, mom”) and packing my carryon bag with things that will avert his attention mid-temper tantrum (kid sized earphones, the specific green cup for milk, new Hot Wheels cars, crayons, activity books, lollies.) Preparing myself for whatever feeling will come over me when we land in LAX and I’m back in America, where we haven’t been for a year.



  1. Safe travels.

    landing in LA is always the worst for me. I end up being really appalled by American girls and it seems like LA is the epitome of ‘American Girls”…eek!

  2. OMG … is it too late for Uncle John to see you? How much layover time do you have?

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