Posted by: dsduffy | November 22, 2010

One the eve of six

I live with a boy, lean, determined and focused. He takes after his dad in so many ways, I discover a new one weekly. I have to wake him up like a teenager to get ready for school, he pulls the covers over his head, pretending not to hear me. He now prefers to sleep in sweat pants and a t-shirt opposed to his 5T pj’s with skeletons and I can’t keep up with his favorite top of the week. Lately it seems to be his green Scooby Doo one.

He can build a new lego helicopter in 15 or 20 minutes flat with no requests for help. He bounds off to school, keychains jingling, eager to catch up with his friends. He comes home from school with a new book to read, each day with more and more ease, needing less and less help sounding out the “really hard words.”  He is always checking for a wiggly teeth, impatient for his first visit from the tooth fairy.

He helps his younger brother buckle his carseat, he holds his hand in the carpark and across the street. This boy is just about at the point where he is too heavy for me to lift, but I still do, and will as long as he will let me. He still wants a kiss goodnight and the obligatory high-five. And when he says “I love you mommy” it is the sweetest part of my day.

I find myself really looking at him lately, trying to take a mental picture of how he is right now. How he is growing up, maturing, being influenced by things other than his mom and dad. I love to look in the rear view mirror and catch him singing or dancing to the music, but the second he realizes I see him, he stops and gets shy.

This is my boy, who will be six years old tomorrow. The boy who made me into a mother, who amazes me every day.

birthday boy



  1. Happy, Happy 6th Birthday Cameron!! Great picture of a very special boy, can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Good idea about the mental picture – they’re 15 in a blink! Wait till you see Liam (and Kira – who is excited to be wearing contacts instead of glasses these days!)

  3. Yes, I think Cameron is a lot like his Daddy, which ain’t bad! Please do try to store that “mental picture” because even though you think you’ll never forget how they looked and what they were like at that age, you do. Happy Birthday to our amazing Cameron! We can’t wait til you’re here and we can see firsthand how grownup you are! Love & Hugs, Grammy

  4. Happy Birthday Cameron,

    I just came across your blog from the Expat Women Directory. I am an American living in Melbourne too!

    Love your blog.

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