Posted by: dsduffy | November 16, 2010

Changes, 2 years on

Will my home country look different to me? Will driving on the right side of the road  from the left side of the car feel like putting on an old coat? Will my stomach wage a war after eating all those preservatives (there’s no high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils down under) Will not hearing Aussie accents seem strange? Will the cold temperatures feel even colder to me?

Since we planned our trip home pretty last-minute, I haven’t had time to think about these things, I didn’t think I’d be going to the US next month so I just didn’t think about all these things. It has been exactly a year since we have been back, and 2+  years since we are away, will things look different this time around?



  1. I wonder the same thing about when we return to the states. Are you living in Australia permanently, or only for a limited time?

  2. What will always remain the same no matter where you are in this world, is my love for you, Craig and those adorable little boys. That will never-ever change.

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