Posted by: dsduffy | November 13, 2010

If I could clone myself

Kind of like in that movie Multiplicity but I think I would only want to have 1 clone. It would come in handy when both boys are asking for something at the same time – like when Jake is upstairs on the toilet asking for me to wipe his butt (yes, he yells that out, how sweet) and Cameron is downstairs yelling for me to find his school shorts. So I have to run all the way upstairs for Jake then back down 2 flights of stairs for Cameron – it is a great work out but after a while I just feel like I am constantly on the wrong level of the house.

And when we are visiting everyone back home, it would be great to be have an extra “me” so I could spend time with everyone – and not feel rushed or like I was being pulled in so many directions.

I am sure we all feel this way at times, like we can’t do it all. Our schedules are full and we just keep going through the motions, rushing here and there, trying to fit it all in.



  1. I’m a great butt wiper ….. can’t wait to give you a hand!!!

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