Posted by: dsduffy | November 7, 2010

A Very Aussie Halloween

According to this article, Halloween is becoming more popular. You know it is an American holiday, so I don’t expect it to be celebrated like it is in the States. But since it is such a fun holiday – why not!

Last year was our first trick or treating experience, with another Expat Family in her neighborhood where she put fliers in post boxes explaining that we would be coming around and if they wanted to participate, to put something out so we would know to knock. It was a ton of fun and the kids got a taste of what the holiday is like.

This year, one of the mom’s  mum’s  in Cameron’s class suggested we have a Halloween Party in the park and then go round to some houses on her street. We turned up on a quite cold and about-to-pour afternoon and had a small party in the park, the kids played and ate lollies for a bit then we were off to the trick or treating. I was so surprised to see other kids out, dressed up just like back in the States! I had never seen it before, so it was really cool. We went around to about 20 houses, most of which nobody was home, or avoiding us altogether. But the ones who did answer were great. There was one woman dressed up as a witch, her house all decorated and she came out onto the footpath to do a trick – I’m not exactly sure what her goal was but she pretty much threw flour into the air at the kids making it look like smoke. At another house, a man got out his violin and play the kids a tune while they danced. They really got into the whole “trick” aspect, more than I have ever seen in America!

It was such a fun time for the kids, and great for us to see a good ol’ American tradition making its way to Australia.

Halloween 2010

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