Posted by: dsduffy | September 13, 2010

Play Ball!

Living in another country, I have found myself conflicted over this: do Aussie things – sign my kids up for Footy & Cricket, feed them Vegemite, and the lot. Or, shop at USA Foods, seek out other American friends, try our best to still be “American.” But I have found the best way to live as an Expat, is to do a bit of both. We have incorporated many Aussie things into our lives, our vocabularies, and our diets. Cameron just finished up playing Footy with Auskick, and now we are on to baseball.

 This weekend I took Cameron to a “Come & Try” day for T-ball. It was a bit funny to me to have to explain to him, at nearly 6, how to play T-ball. But he picked it up right away and really loved it! I’m happy to see him involved in a sport that will translate back in the States.  He has 4 other friends playing with him and it sounds like it will be a fun time, as it is held on Friday nights – our own version of “Friday Night Lights.”



  1. Cameron will be a natural, I’m sure. That’s one very coordinated little boy!

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