Posted by: dsduffy | August 31, 2010

There’s a shock in the pock

At Jake’s kinder each day one parent volunteers for “fruit duty.”  This entails arriving 45 minutes before the end of the class to cut up and distribute fruit for snack time. Afterwards, the kids all sit on the mat for story time. Yesterday was my turn and as I was tidying up I was listening to the teacher as she read a story to the class. As she turned each page,  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud as all the kids yelled out “There’s a Shock in the Pock!” Even my little Jake!

Just too cute!

** The book is titled “There’s a SHARK in the PARK!”  🙂



  1. What does that mean “There’s a shock in the pock”? Pocket??

    • A shaRk in the paRk 🙂


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  2. Too funny!! Sounds a bit like Boston? Reminds me of the time when we were little and cousin Debra went to school with me for the day. The teacher held up a pair of boots and said “whose boots are these” in her very Jersey accent! Every now and then I notice that Jason has that “Jersey” accent when he says certain words and it brings me back to that story again. I never really thought there was a “Jersey” accent, but “New Yawk” certainly has one of their own…and we know they do down under too!! 🙂

  3. I remember that one from storytime at the library – only the aussie accent can forget the r’s

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