Posted by: dsduffy | August 14, 2010

The Future.

This may sound a lot like this post but it is a recurring thought in my head, and I am sure it is something most of us think about. It might be a little different for me since we are only supposed to be here for a set amount of time, but a lot of miliary families are in the same boat. In our case though, I worry about my boys learning “American” things. I bet if you gave Jake a baseball bat he would think it was a cricket bat. And I know for sure that he thinks a gridiron football is the same as an Aussie rules footy ball – he immediately wants to handball or kick it.
Cameron was working on his mathletics on the computer the other night and the lesson was about money. Choose which of the 4 photos below makes $2.20. Obviously this was with Australian currency. He knew all the answers. I am not sure that he would be as proficient with American currency. Yes I can work on this at home on my own, but I am just worried that they will miss out on things and ultimately – be behind when we return to school in the US. I know they are smart kids and will pick it all up eventually – but as their mother, I can’t help but want my kids to fit in – wherever they are.

We have one more year here for sure – and if we do end up leaving next August it will be perfect for the boys to start school back in the US. But the thought of having to take them out of school mid-year is a little unsettling to me. Who knows what the future holds for any of us, I just want any sort of transition to be as seamless as possible for my kids.



  1. Your kids will still be very young and kids at that age don’t get picked on as much… is later when kids get meaner. At their age they will probably be seen as the “cool” kids that just came from Australia. Americans seems to like anything Aussie. As far as them knowing things…..I read another blog where the kids where born and raised in Australia and when they go back for long visits to the states they start acting more American very quickly…..even picking up the accent by the time they go back to Australia. It may even make you feel sad when they became more Americanized. I have read about people who have lived in both countries and no matter which country they are living in they miss the other……so be prepared for that. Also since your kids are so young……..make sure you take lots of video this last year because it pains me how much my kids have forgotten about their young lives and the fun things we did. By the time they are a grown they may have trouble remembering their Aussie days, especially your youngest. Just some food for thought.

  2. I think about these things a lot too. Last week my American babysitter asked my daughter what “4 quarters” make (thinking $1.00) and my daughter said “a whole” because she had no idea a “quarter” was a coin! The way the cut offs fall I think my oldest will end up repeating half a year of third grade when we move back (hopefully next August as well). I just keep telling myself she will adjust quickly and I know my kids will have gained so much more than they have missed out on by living here for a few years.

  3. We found our son was ahead in many areas. So don’t worry. The things he lacked were more focus on timed math facts, and then money etc. He got back on track quickly. As we knew the money topic was comng we worked with him at home. It’ll work out for you!!!!

  4. Don’t you worry…Everything will fall in place its own way…

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