Posted by: dsduffy | August 3, 2010

My brain is so confused

The date on the calendar reads August. The date written out is 3/8 and it is COLD outside. Cold like in 40’sF, but still cold. I am still so confused by the upsidedown-ness of living in the Southern Hemisphere. I know I have only lived here for 23 months but I should be sort of used to this by now, right?

I do answer correctly when asked what my or one of the kids date of birth is (day, month, year) but I have to think about it for a quick second. I am wondering this: when will it feel NORMAL? And when will I stop feeling like I am always translating everything? And then there is the part about when we go back to the States and having to getting used to all that – even though that is all NORMAL to me, it will seem weird.

Like I said – my brain is so confused.



  1. The one thing I dislike the most about living in the south (and there are not very many negative things) is having the seasons reversed. I totally agree……I don’t think it will ever feel “normal”. It feels like it should be Christmas time right now but it is not. I am trying to convince myself that having Christmas in New Zealand in the summer won’t be so bad……at least it isn’t 115 degrees here like the summers in Las Vegas…..I’m hoping the mild summers here will help fake me out. I tell myself that if I ship my decoration and put them up maybe it will be ok and I won’t mind. Yes many things are backwards here…….even the driving.

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