Posted by: dsduffy | July 26, 2010

The recovery process

Everyone I come in contact with has told me to rest after this bout with pneumonia. Doctors, nurses, family and friends. And I intend on resting as best I can, but it is NOT EASY. Especially when I live in a house that is 3 floors and on the main living floor there is no bathroom toilet. So I am forced to go up and down the stairs at least a few times a day. And then there are the children – I had a nanny come help out today but with me being right upstairs it was hard for me to really stay out of the picture. I’m trying my best- I truly am.



  1. I know you are resting as much as you possibly can and it is difficult in your house with all the steps. But, anytime you get to rest is a blessing. Maybe there are games or things you can do with the kids while resting… The nanny will have to be a bit more assertive even if it is in her own “language”.

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