Posted by: dsduffy | July 25, 2010

Holiday in Cabrini

Doesn’t that sound nice? Like a remote island that you have to take 2 planes and a boat to get to with a white sandy beach and calm blue water? But no. My holiday in Cabrini actually refers to my 3 night stay at Cabrini Hospital with a case of pneumonia.

I had a cough for about 2 weeks, but I didn’t think anything of it because I had no other symptoms to speak of. Just an annoying cough. I coughed while up on the chairlift at Mt. Buller and still thought nothing of it. I was running 2-3 times a week to train for the Run Melbourne 10k which in turn was training for the 1/2 marathon in October. I was doing everything I normally do but I still had this annoying cough.

The morning of the run, I woke up with a sore throat and again just thought it was part of a cold and ignored it. The run itself wasn’t easy, it was a bit of a struggle and the pain in my throat got worse but I finished it in 1:00:32. After the run I just wanted to go home and bundle up on the couch, but that wasn’t an option as we had tickets to the footy and were bound to go cheer on Cameron’s team the Tigers. The weather turned grey and the rain fell as we walked to the stadium. This probably wasn’t such a good idea. Needless to say by Sunday night I was feeling worse and I was having a hard time breathing.

Monday morning I was able to see my doctor who sent me for a chest x-ray. The x-ray showed fluid in my left lung but she sent me home with 2 prescriptions and a follow-up appointment for the next day. The next day I didn’t feel any better and she said it would be best for me to get checked out at the hospital.

From that point on it got a bit crazy – having to figure out what to do with the kids, how will this all work out if I am admitted, etc etc etc. Thankfully Craig was able to handle everything while I spent 3 nights in hospital resting and getting IV antibiotics. I was finally discharged on Friday and continued to get care through their Hospital in the Home program. Every day I feel better and better and I am thankful that I was able to get the care I needed.

It was certainly a strange feeling lying in the 4-bed hospital room in the corner all alone. The best part of my stay there was when Craig brought the boys to visit – well we could have done without the part where Jake fell and needed 3 stitches on his eyebrow, that wasn’t fun, but luckily he was 2 floors up from the ER.

This whole experience has taught me that we should never take our health for granted and that I really do love being around my kids as crazy as they make me – I would take that over being lonely any day.



  1. Wow! That sounds awful. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Take care.

  2. So glad you’re home & feeling better. Please continue to rest and get 100% well. Hugs, M.C.

  3. Sending hugs from Cherry Hill – glad you’re feeling better – I sometimes wish for 3 days of “alone” time, but when I get it , all I’m thinking of is when my family is coming back –


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