Posted by: dsduffy | June 21, 2010

Winter confusion

It is officially winter here in Melbourne. I have to keep reminding myself of this fact because of the following reasons:

It isn’t that cold out. This morning the display on the car read 8 degrees. Yes that does seem cold – in Fahrenheit! But 8 degrees Celsius equals 46.4f. Not that cold, right?

I see people swimming out in the bay. In normal bathing suits, not in wetsuits or anything.

There are flowers on the bushes lining the street as we walk to school in the morning. Above our heads, birds are chirping like it is spring time.

Many kids at the school are still wearing shorts and t-shirts to school. I think that is a bit crazy, but it adds to my confusion.

The calendar reads JUNE, but still my head thinks BBQ, beach, flip flops, sunblock, fireworks and warm nights. Not scarves, boots, Winter Sales or planning ski holidays.



  1. And certainly no sign of winter snow in Melbourne! Yes, it must be confusing.

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