Posted by: dsduffy | June 13, 2010

A really big sigh of relief


I think you might be able to hear that all the way across the planet.

As a parent, well for me – as a mother, when my child is in pain it literally tears my heart in two. There is a physical pain that I feel knowing there is nothing I can do to take their pain away. So while feeling completely helpless, and unable to make it go away, I do the only things I know how. I sit by his side, hold his hand, whisper in his ear how much I love him and how proud I am of him. The look in his eyes shatters the two pieces of my heart into even tinier pieces as I hold back tears.

Then my brain kicks in and reminds me that I am sometimes powerless, that my children will sometimes experience things that are unpleasant and I just have to accept that. He will most likely not remember any of this experience and he is better off for it anyway.

In the days following the surgery, my usually very independent boy clings to me, always wanting to sit in my lap, hold my hand and ask for hugs at least 10 times a day. I know that he just needs reassurance. I am so proud of my brave boy and will never run out of hugs for him.



  1. Your are strong and so is Jake. Every day will get better. You are doing all the right things to help him get through this. Good job, mommy!!

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