Posted by: dsduffy | May 30, 2010


I’ve been reading blogs for about 4 years now (I know, I was late to the game) and have always been amazed at how candid a lot of people can be. Some writers are REALLY open, and seem to write exactly what they think. But it is their blog and they can share as much or as little as they want to. I feel the same way about people who write memoirs, revealing things about themselves and their families that are just so personal, things that can be hurtful,  embarrassing or even incriminating.

I have obviously made the choice  not to share every thought in my head, and sometimes there are subjects that I would love to write about  — but don’t. It is my own personal censor.

And yes I know I have the option of writing on a good old-fashioned piece of paper. But somehow putting my thoughts out there in the blogosphere just makes it seem more real. For me writing is a bit like therapy (not that I know what that is like) and once I explore something here on the laptop, I come away better off.

That’s all for now – I gotta go grab a pen and some paper.



  1. I love you my darling daughter, and the whole world can know that! ;0) I agree with you, not everything needs to be said out loud or posted for the world to read.

  2. The distance may physically separate us, but know that you are always here in our hearts and minds and that I often know what you are thinking without saying or writing it! Love you lots!

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