Posted by: dsduffy | May 27, 2010

I miss Bed Bath & Beyond

Other stores I miss shopping at:

CVS: Oh how I long for a normal drug store, even WalGreen’s will do
Jo-Ann Fabrics: Heaps of arts & crafts supplies
Pottery Barn: Even just browsing through the catalog would be nice
Williams-Sonoma: Great store for gifts, especially when they have free samples of chocolate fudge brownies
Target: No explanation necessary (the $1 section! Cleaning products! Groceries! Kids clothes!)
Whole Foods: Sigh……
Jackson and/or Wrentham Outlets: Sigh……..

Yes, I have accepted the fact that the Target here does not carry all the items that the one in the States does. And yes I have stopped looking around the store for the UP escalator to another level because THERE MUST BE MORE HERE! And yes, I have also given in to the fashion, the food and the fact that I have to go to the Chemist to get cold medicine because they don’t carry it at the grocery store. I stopped comparing, I just go with the flow. But sometimes it gets frustrating. Like how I need to buy a baking pan, a hand mixer, new hand towels and an Aerobed. Man, a Bed Bath & Beyond would be the perfect place to get ALL of these items. Not to mention a quick stop at the ceiling-high wall of kitchen utensils! But no, I have to trek around to all different places to search them out separately.

So off I go to at least 2 different stores with 2 different carparks, to search for only 4 items. Wish me luck.



  1. Target is in Australia?!?!? Wow, how lucky!!!

  2. Not only do I miss CVS, I miss real medicine. Sometimes I think I would kill for some theraflu.

  3. I don’t miss any of those shops. I used to get overwhelmed in Target. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are lovely, but I can live without them. I do miss Gap, though. A lot.

  4. i totally get this. for me it is a simple trip to a bookstore like barnes and noble. the thomas set up. thumbing through books while the boys play. sigh.

    • Ahh yes the perfect rainy day activity….my boys always loved the trains there so much more than ours at home!


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  5. Must be frustrating! I find home decor (or really just home essentials) shopping takes much time, involves numerous stores, and always needs a long coffee break in the middle – and I’ve never been to the US πŸ˜‰

  6. I totally feel what you are going through. I recently migrated from the US as well and I have my share of stories to tell! It’s just not the same.. the stores, the quality, the variety, and the convenience. And I hate to find the parking lot filled with cars at 2 in the afternoon.. why aren’t these people working? These people wouldn’t be forced to take sick leaves to shop if malls were actually open a bit later than 5:30!


  7. They have a bed bath and table in Melbourne, a bit like bed bath and beyond πŸ™‚

  8. Ever heard of Myer?!

    • Of course but they are nowhere NEAR the same!!
      Myer has bedding (linens) and kitchen stuff, but I haven’t seen the “wall o’utensils” there, among many other things….it just isn’t the same. And I’m not looking for the exact same thing, I know this is a different country, but sometimes it is frustrating having to go to 3 different stores to find items that you are used to being able to get in one place. It’s the convenience that I miss.

  9. Myer is nothing like any of the stores in the US! Bed bath and table is NOTHING compared to bed bath and beyond either! Don’t get me started on the comparisons! One thing as an aussie I can be thankful for is the fact that our GST is included so we don’t have any surprises at the checkout. I do miss TARGET, CVS, WALGREENS BED BATH AND BEYOND, BATH AND BODY WORKS ANNDDD VICTORIA’S SECRET….AHHHH the list goes on and on!!

  10. Oh man, I can relate so much. I just moved from the U.S. to Sydney and it is hard to explain to those back home how shopping is so different here. It seems like a silly thing to miss but I do miss it. Shopping is not a fun activity here for the most part. No such thing as retail therapy. I really miss BB&B and Marshalls and Target.

  11. I would just be happy if there is a CVS a bed bath&beyond ….I can’t even seem to find bulgur wheat !

  12. It is so comforting to read all these comments as an American trying to settle in Melbourne right now. I cannot find a steamer (for clothes) ANYWHERE. The only place that seems to carry it is Kmart and they are OUT at ALL the stores. They are also out of fans. And I want a salad spinner. I realize these are silly complaints, there is a lot to love. But Bed Bath and Beyond would make my life really great right now. Thanks for commiserating and making me feel better about wanting it!

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