Posted by: dsduffy | May 18, 2010

Deep thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

I’m sure I am not the only person that feels this way, more like I hope I’m not. Sometimes I am so overcome with life, the complexity of it all, my brain cannot process it all. So many fantastic wonderful things, yet at the same time so many horrible sad things. All happening at the same time on the same planet. How can it be that some people are so fortunate, healthy and happy. While others are riddled with pain, heartache and grief. We all experience all of these things throughout our lives, but it seems some tip more to one side than the other.

So I look out over the bay and feel all of these things. I am thankful that where I am right now is not smack dab in the middle of a natural disaster, and that my family is healthy. I feel sadness for those that are going through hardships, dealing with health problems or trying to make ends meet. But at the same time I look into the crisp blue sky and am overcome with how beautiful this world is. It is so beautiful that the word beautiful doesn’t do it justice.

I realize that if I were not in this place in my life that I probably wouldn’t be able to see this beauty, and I know that there will be times in the future where I will be questioning this world and its fairness. But for now I am just enjoying seeing everything through rose-colored glasses.



  1. Beautifully said.

    • Danielle

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  2. How did you know to write this today? My friend and neighbor tragically lost her husband Sunday – widowed at the age of 43 with 5 kids under the age of 15. Why her family?

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