Posted by: dsduffy | May 12, 2010

Twenty months

With a title like that, you would think I was referring to one of my children. In this case, I’m referring to how long we have lived here in Australia. Believe it or not, there are many similarities between our time here and a child’s first 20 months of life.

When we first got here, we were jet-lagged so we didn’t sleep well. We were also disoriented and may have gotten a bit cranky. We couldn’t describe how we felt since we had never been in a situation like this, so we just looked around the place  getting used to our new surroundings, like a newborn.

Time went on and we grew accustomed to our new world. We grew our legs so to speak, and felt confident with new skills, like driving and walking on the left. We (sort of) learned a new language, got used to new sounds, found our way around new streets.

We learned new skills, like how to play footy, steer the trolley at the grocery store and know the difference between a regular spider and one that can kill you.

And just like with our children, so much happens in those 20 months – it seems like it goes by in a flash and we shake our heads when we realize how much has changed.

Twenty months. Not a real significant amount time, not like an actual anniversary or anything, but 4 months away from the big 2. So many mixed feelings swirl around my head. Just like when I think about my kids and how old they are, and how far they have come.



  1. Interesting analogy! Guess you’re an “Aussie toddler” now! Twenty months down & it sure seems like a significant amount of time to me. What, 15 months to go??? Miss you all!
    XXOXX, M.C.

  2. Great Analogy Danielle! I love it. It’s so strange. It some ways it feels like you have been gone for so long & some times it feels like you just left. I can still remember the last time we saw you at your in laws before you left & it feels like yesterday!

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