Posted by: dsduffy | May 8, 2010

Underpants and the Principal’s office

Oh my boys are growing up right before my eyes. All in one week, Jake started wearing underpants consistently (hip hip, hooray!) and Cameron got sent to the principal’s office … ahhh the joys of parenting. To be fair, Cameron wasn’t sent by himself, there was 3 of them and it was a joint effort, but still he was sent down to her and was reprimanded for punching. Boys will be boys!

I find myself admiring Jake a lot lately – trying my hardest to remember his little body, the innocence of his face and his many expressions. Cameron is already a big boy, not a sign left of his babyhood – with his muscular legs and his dirty fingernails. I feel like I literally see Jake turning into a big boy like  I am watching time-lapse photography. He will still snuggle with me and his blanket, cuddled up on the couch together without me having to beg him to like I do with Cameron. He throws tantrums over me giving him the wrong color cup of milk, still takes a nap a few times a week and loves to watch Dora. But his language no longer contains baby words, he calls things by the correct names instead of nicknames and he is a champ at using the iPad (better than me I think.)  I no longer need to go down the “baby needs” aisle at the grocery store. I still do, but once I am halfway down I realize I don’t need one single thing there. Well maybe a package of baby wipes, but I don’t really need them. I see moms pushing brand new strollers with crisp clean fluffy blankets covering their little  bundles. They have the oh-so-familiar look of sleep deprivation on their faces mixed with worry that my kid will sneeze near them. But at the same time it feels like forever ago that I was in their shoes, trying to keep track of when I last fed the baby, if I had enough diapers to last me one more week, when was the last time I washed my hair. I know that we are out of that stage -it went by in a flash and it is so apparent that Jake is on the heels of Big Boyhood. So for now I am just trying to enjoy the last bit of babyhood he has left in him.

Jake came across a pacifier that I forgot to get rid of months ago, and immediately put it in his mouth. He chewed on for a few minutes and then spit it out, it’s just not the same anymore.



  1. Yes, it does go by all too quickly, doesn’t it? It makes me sad to realize that they’ll be so grown up by the time I see them again. Congratulations on (hopefully) being done with diapers … that sure makes life easier! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Hugs, M.C.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I adore this post. I go down the baby isle too, exiting with nothing. Thank you for your sweet words over on my blog.

  3. Looking back, it does seem to go by fast – but the opposite when you’re living it!! I feel that way about school, days long, weeks fly by – we’re in the home stretch of Liam’s last days as a middle schooler- CHEast is quickly approaching! And Kira will be beginning her last year at Stockton – but, I still to this day, always have wipes in my car and in the house!! I find them to be a quick way to wipe down the dog, clean dirty windowsills, clean up spilled coffee and diet coke in the cup holders – still my little piece of “babyhood” I cling to!

  4. I am totally crying after reading this post! I am still blown away by the fact that our first babies are 5 years old & are or will be in kindergarten soon. And I can’t believe your little Jake is so grown up already. Time sure is flying by. miss you & hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!

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