Posted by: dsduffy | May 4, 2010

A trip to the ER, a concert and the cool change.

I bet you can’t guess which of the above 3 was the best? Obviously it was the concert. John Mayer really knows how to put on a good show – and for some reason it feels even more special to see a concert here of  an American musician. Maybe it’s just me.

Our first Australian Emergency Room experience was good. And thankfully it wasn’t for one of the boys – nope – it was for me. I took a pretty nasty fall off my “pushbike” and crash landed on the footpath with my right shoulder. Apparently the little bit of milk I add to my coffee each morning has enough calcium to make my bones strong enough to resist breaking. But my ligaments didn’t fare as well. Needless to say, it is sore, bruised and not easy to apply mascara. My only complaint about the whole ER experience was when the X-ray technician grabbed my swollen shoulder to position me correctly for the scan. Brilliant!

The last day or two have been unseasonably warm. I didn’t have to fight with Jake to wear pants today and it was great to walk to kinder and feel the sun warming our faces. The weather reporters always mention a “cool change” coming in at certain times during the day and I never really understood what they were talking about. Today the wind picked up and the grey clouds loomed above as I pushed the stroller along from kinder on the way to pick up Cameron. In an instant, the warmth of the sun was quickly replaced by brisk cold air. It honestly felt like someone turned on the Air Conditioning. I had experienced the Cool Change first hand, and really is just that! The wind shifts so that instead of coming from the north where it is nice and warm, it comes from the south, from Antarctica. Pretty cool – literally!



  1. Yes, you have stong bones and a wonderful loving and open heart. Guess your mom(mum) was right when you were told to “drink your milk”.
    Take care of yourself and give it all some time to heal properly. ;0)

  2. Hope your shoulder mends quickly. It’s got to be tough managing without your right arm with those two little gremlins! Hugs, M.C.

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