Posted by: dsduffy | April 28, 2010

Things we give our children

Love.  A warm bath with loads of bubbles to pop and gather up to make a beard. A favourite blanket all warm from the dryer.  New socks when the old ones sprout holes. A big glass of cold milk. Pets to love and care for. New books from the library. Confidence to try the big slide or to scale the high monkey bars. Compassion to befriend the new kid at school. Curiosity, wonder, interest in all things this world has to offer. Boundaries, to be constantly tested. An infinite amount of hugs, kisses and high-fives.  Homemade banana bread, even with chocolate chips because who says you can’t have chocolate at breakfast?

Some of our bad habits.  Stubbornness. And for me – I have given my son Strabismus. He may be having corrective surgery in the next few weeks. I had the same surgery when I was his age and because of it you would never guess that I was born with severe crossed eyes. The fact that I am responsible for this – my genes at least – it’s something I wish I didn’t give him.



  1. All the wonderful things, life experiences, and love you give your children are immeasurable. Don’t feel so responsible for passing on strabismus, I guess I passed it on to you, and we made it through ok, and so will you and your adorable son. Focus on all the positives in life. xxooxx

  2. As always, Once again, beautifully written! You are a wonderful mom, Cameron & Jake are very lucky boys! I won’t use this space to begin listing all of the things I have passed to my children…I guess it is “all in the family” 🙂

  3. I love your first paragraph … so much love there! You are too hard on yourself … you are the best Mommy! We deal with what life hands us, and you are all are doing great! Love, M.C.

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