Posted by: dsduffy | April 20, 2010


Melbourne is known for its changeable weather. They say “4 seasons in a day” and they mean it. One minute you are chilly, pulling a jumper over your head, and the next you are peeling it off tying it around your waist. Layers – that is the way people dress here. Especially this time of year, when the seasons are changing. From long sun-filled summer days, to days that start out with a chill in the air and end a bit sooner, the sun setting earlier and earlier each day.

We take the summer dresses out of the closet to make room for the sweaters and long sleeves. The havaianas are packed away to make room for the boots. But then we kick ourselves when we do it too soon, and mumble to ourselves that we wish we had a closet big enough to just fit it all. Change. It is all around us.

Jake started kinder today. He will be going to 3 year kinder 3 days a week from 1-3pm. This is usually when he is having his afternoon nap, and I get to choose between folding laundry, prepping for dinner or sneaking a quick half hour break on the couch. I quickly learned that without his nap, he is one tired little boy. But this change may also bring along an easier and earlier bedtime (hooray!) It will all take a lot of getting used to, for both of us. Our schedules will change, along with the weather, and the clothes that we wear.

Things are always changing, for the good and the bad. Some things are out of our control and those are the ones are probably the scariest. We just have to go along with the current with which life takes us, knowing that nothing will stay the same.



  1. Charlie was so excited that Jake started kinder with him today. Annette even remarked to me when we left that she saw a different side of Charlie today, much more relaxed, shouting and voicing his opinions more than usual all because he’s so comfortable around Jake. Long live their friendship, they’re so cute together!

  2. You may be on the other side of the world, but somehow you are totally in tune with things here! Yup, I got your message on this one, change is good…

  3. Yes Danielle, I got the message loud and clear. Stephanie is right… You are right here with us! hange is definately good… because Nothing changes when Nothing changes!

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