Posted by: dsduffy | April 14, 2010


Over the past 17 months we have had only a few visitors. It’s  not like Australia is somewhere you can just go for a long weekend or even just a week.

So when I heard that my second cousin was going to be doing a semester abroad near Brisbane, I was super excited  by the possibility that we could see each other.

He arrives here tomorrow for a long weekend – we plan to show him around our wonderful city of Melbourne and hope to get out to the Mornington Peninsula and maybe even the Great Ocean Road. No matter what, it will be great to see him and spend time together, as well as hear about his time here down under.

Stay tuned for a recount of our time together!



  1. I know you will have an amazing and memorable time together. Can’t wait to see the photo’s (hint, hint) wink!

  2. It is always fun to see the place you live through the eyes of someone visiting and see their reactions. It is like seeing it as new once again.

  3. Okay, I have a quesiton/request…a friend of mine just moved to Sydney from D.C. I want to send her a care package full of things she can’t get. Some favorites. I’ve heard mexican is hard to get (thought I’d send some salsa etc.); certain fav candies (Laffy taffy, Reese’s?); Brownie mix; miracle whip; any suggestions?

    • That is very sweet of you! I think sending things like salsa & mayo might be a bit tricky – not sure if they would make the trip in one piece. I know how hard it is to get mexican food ingredients though…you could try it and see what happens. Candies are a good idea, and cake mix as well – just package them up carefully say in bubble wrap and plastic bags in case the packaging gets punctured, etc. Salad dressing is another thing that is hard to come by here — not sure what her faves are, but I personally miss Creamy Italian & Russian/Thousand Island!

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to help! Danielle

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