Posted by: dsduffy | April 7, 2010


The contents of my wallet, for over a year and a half: my Massachusetts driver’s license has been side by side with the colorful notes, the small gold coins, and my “flybuys” rewards card for the local  grocery store.

On the morning drive to drop Jake off at daycare, the radio announcer said now let’s see what’s going on with the riots, or at least that is what I thought she said. I thought to myself “what riots? they don’t have riots here?” And then the male voice was going over the traffic delays on the Western Ring, and I threw my head back saying “roads, she said roads!”

A friend from the US sent us Flat Stanley, to help her son out with a school project. I drove around today wondering where to take him, and felt at a loss. Everything just seems “normal” to me. I can’t tell the difference anymore…it is all just normal.

After a year and a half. I broke down and will now wear leggings. Yes, the same ones I had back in 1987. And man are they comfy.

My son and I having constant “discussions” (arguments, disagreements) about how to say certain words. He asked his friend for a rubber today and I nearly choked on my water. A rubber is an eraser.

It feels totally normal to want to do a spring clean in April, even though it is Autumn.



  1. That is all too funny. NOW where will you and the boys say you are from, when you eventually move back to the States? My wordly daughter! Love reading your blog ;0)

  2. Oh we had the rubber word used at home that sent us in to shock also. Really important when you move home….make sure they get that word understood as eraser before school starts so the teacher doesn’t have a heart attack. We gave the teacher a list of words and she would comment to us sometimes how he didn’t understand some things becuase they had to work the word out, it wasn’t on our list and he didn’t get what they were saying. Funny becuase it’s all english!

  3. I told you you’d be wearing leggings! I knew it!!! Did you get one of those cute short denim skirts too, to wear over your leggings???

  4. NO! Not leggings! hahaha. I have to laugh because I couldn’t believe people were still wearing leggings when we moved here three years ago. I haven’t tried them yet…mainly because I’ve been pregnant my entire time here.
    Next thing you know, you’ll be wearing a little silk dress (that looks like a nighty) with 4 inch high heels.
    Tread lightly oh converted one.

  5. Thanks for the laugh – I almost spit my coffee at the computer screen!!

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