Posted by: dsduffy | April 6, 2010

Still more firsts

Trying to get the boys to sleep in one room so we can use one of them as a play room….this is going to be harder than I thought.

Driving in the car Thursday night, on our way to pick up Craig from work to make our way to our holiday weekend away, smack in the middle of rush hour: I was the first car in line at a right turn only lane with an arrow (don’t forget from the opposite side of the road) and I hear Cameron kind of gasp and then yell out frantically “I need to go the hospital!!” just as the light turns green. I somehow managed to make the turn and pull the car over, freaking out all the while. He swallowed a small magnet. Apparently my threats of him needing to go to the hospital if he swallows something have worked and he was completely freaking out. After realizing this wasn’t an emergency, I just called a few friends that are in the medical field and was reassured that he is ok as long as it was only one magnet – and it was.

Today we had a playdate with one of Cameron’s good friends from kinder, who has since moved away. After playing all day, the friend asked if Cameron can go back to his house for a sleepover and I thought – why not? So he is off to his first sleepover, about 40 minutes away…my boy is growing up so quick.



  1. Ohhhh, one of those “hook” turns! Never a dull moment with boys, is it!!!!

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