Posted by: dsduffy | March 15, 2010

How I feel right now

I spoke to a friend over the weekend and we were discussing if we were homesick or not. My answer was no. I haven’t been homesick for a while now, I just miss the people and a few food items, that I have really learned to live without pretty well. I am not homesick probably because I love where we live and the life that we have. I didn’t miss all the snowstorms and rain, the shovelling and ice scraping. I don’t miss any of that.

Yes I miss my family and friends, of course I do. But living here gives my little family of four so much bonding time, time to do things just the 4 of us. We are all in this together and I feel like it has made us so much closer. My boys may not know for years, but when they look back, this experience will shape their lives, hopefully in a positive way.

Every day we wake up, can look out to the sea and the palm trees. At the end of the day we sit out to the front balcony and see the sunset, watch people walking on the beach, throwing a ball to their dog,  just having fun. I love where we are right now, and I wouldn’t change in for the world.



  1. After spending 3 weeks with you in Au., I can absolutely understand your feelings. Your life there is just unbelieveable. It is truly the experience of a lifetime. Au is an amazing Country. I loved every minute of my 3 week adventure. I believe this will shape all of you for the adventures in your life yet to come. How lucky those little boys are too.

  2. So glad you are enjoying your family. So many young wives and mothers are too busy to see what they have and experience it. I know you have heard this before but it is true, it goes by so quickly. It is great you are doing the blog and taking all these photos. You will treasure them in the future.

  3. Love the picture of the boys and the view! Why wouldn’t you love it there…we’ve had 3 days of endless cold gray rain!! Enjoy it!!!

  4. Thanks for making me cry! What a wonderful outlook you have – you’re probably right about the boys not “getting” it now – but the fact they are so enjoying life and thinking this is normal – isn’t that better than them being 14 and hormonal and hating you for ruining their lives??

  5. it’s amazing when it feels like “Home”!

  6. You have a great ability to put what you’re feeling into words! I completely agree that we find ourselves living in a fantastic city which is giving our kids a lifestyle they wouldn’t have back home. Of course we miss ‘home’ in the sense of not having our nearest & dearest around the corner (or at least a short drive away) but I feel we need to enjoy this while we can, who knows how long our life in Melbourne will last.

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