Posted by: dsduffy | March 7, 2010

Wet and wild weather

In the past almost 18 months that we have lived here in Melbourne, there haven’t been many thunderstorms, I think I can count the times I heard thunder on one hand. Melbourne is also a place that suffers from a major drought and we are currently in Stage 3A water restrictions. So when we get a storm like yesterday, it is major news.
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  1. We were in a tram near the shopping center that has Cosco near it in the Docklands. We were one tram stop away from where we were heading and the driver said we could go no farther because it was an electrical hazzard. He said that when the water raises so high that it touchs the tram it will make the electrical current that runs the tram come alive and if someone tries to get off and touch the ground they would get a nasty shock. Or something like that. Shortly after that the driver must have abannoned ship because we didn’t see him again. So a tram full of people sat for a long time and watched the storm all around us and the water running down the street around us, hoping we could get out at some point in time. The hail was very loud on the metal tram roof. Some people braved it and went out on foot earlier than others. We waited an hour and a half because we had not been in that part of the city before and didn’t really know how much farther it was to our destination. We didn’t have enough umbrellas for everyone either. Finally my husband went out as a scout and came back to tell us he figured out how we could get out. We had to wade through some water getting our shoes completely soaked but we got to move on. We had trouble getting a to a train station to get home because the trams were not all running. We were so glad to get home but then found out our new mattress was completely soaked with water that leaked in from somewhere. We cannot tell where it came from. There were no spots in the ceiling. A total puzzle and it was ruined. Today as it rains again………I keep waiting for the ceiling to leak or do something?????????

  2. Shocking weather!

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