Posted by: dsduffy | February 25, 2010

Reasons to be confused / Standing out in the crowd

Watching tv, an Avon commercial comes on. A woman portraying an Avon consultant (or maybe she really is?) speaking with an American accent “I really love my job, I can work as little or as much as I want to!” Cut away to a screen with a phone number and website for Avon, with the voice-over of a woman with an Australian accent.

While watching American Idol last night, after each contestant sang Ryan Seacrest was giving out their voting numbers. Instead of the number being displayed on the screen, a large blue reads VOTING NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA.

In the header of an email, the timestamp of my email was yesterday 4:35pm, the timestamp of my friend’s reply reads today at  8:35am, sent only a few minutes apart.

Asking for bologna at the deli counter and being given a pre-packaged pile of berliner, and being told it is “apparently the closest thing.”

Picking up Cameron from school today, I wanted to ask his teacher how his day went. The teacher had left early for a doctor’s appointment and the Art teacher had them for the afternoon. She asked which child was mine and I told her his name, she didn’t seem to remember which one he was and then I just said “the one with the American accent.” She immediately knew who he was and proceeded to tell me how much he loved art.

Ordering a slice of pizza yesterday at the Market. I asked for 1 pepperoni and 1 Margherita (plain) and he said they are waiting on some more. I noticed there were 2 plain left, and said “aren’t those Margherita?” He said “oh – I thought you asked for Hawaiian.” I replied, “I guess it’s the accent.” And he handed me my pizza.

Often times when I am out and about with the kids and am talking to them, I feel other people look over at me when they hear my “north american accent.” I wonder how I have reacted when living back in the States when I heard a foreign accent, or if I even noticed.



  1. While in AU with you, I noticed how someone from the “states” hearing our voices, smiled and were reminded of “home”. It makes them feel good and the familiarity feels good to everyone. I found myself hugging someone I met in the “toilet” aka, restroom, when she told me she was from New Jeersey. I was just on “holiday” aka vacation!

  2. OK, I could see mistaking mushroom for margherita, but hawaiian?? And, seriously, why would anyone be ordering hawaiian pizza (unless it came with a pineapple cocktail!)?

  3. Try to get Devon….. i think it’s close to bologna. Or at least we were told and my son liked it. I didn’t really eat it

    • Thank you!!!

  4. After arriving in Australia we bought a used frig from an Aussie repairman. He was VERY friendly and was chatting with us a long time. He told us he thought people would be drawn to us here because of our US accents. Then he went on to tell us about when he and is wife were visiting Las Vegas, where we came from, and how they had a crowd form around them in a casino because of their accents. I guess we are facinated with each other.

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