Posted by: dsduffy | February 16, 2010

Empty nest

After spending 2 months with family, we are now back to our little family of four. My mom went back to the States a few days ago (in what she will probably now refer to as the longest 2 days of her life) and it is just me, Craig and our boys. Two days shy of exactly two months ago, we left for our Big Trip, and now here we are, it’s all over.

It feels good to get back to some sense of normalcy, even though the realization of not seeing everyone back home for a long time has set in. We have a new routine now, with Cameron at school, swimming lessons on a different day and time and the weather allowing us to be outside whenever we want.  Everything feels new again.

I am seeing Melbourne in a new light. Partly because of my recent time back in the States, and also through my mom’s eyes. Hearing her opinions of Australia (99% of them positive!) has made me love this big island even more. It’s beautiful! Everyone is so friendly! The food is delicious! It is so safe! Nobody’s going to steal my pocketbook out of the cart at the grocery store! I feel like I’m on vacation all the time! All these things and more, are reasons why I have once again fallen in love with Melbourne.

Now, if I could only figure out a way to get back to the US to see everyone without having to fly for 24 hours………..


  1. With all the technology in both our world’s, maybe the Jetson’s and I dream of Jeannie,were on the right track… Just blink your eyes, jump in your rocketship and boom, there you are….
    I continue to have the calmness of AU, in my life. It has made me take a good look at all the rushing I do and all the pressure I put on myself… Love the feelings of AU, Thanks so much for giving me the gift of a new way of seeing things in life.

  2. I just read the top 10 list of most livable cities – and 4 of them are in Australia (inc. Melbourne)!

  3. It is always great to see your surroundings through someone else’s eyes. It takes away what we take for granted. When Spain had become mundane for us it was wonderful to see it from a different perspective. I haven’t reached that point yet here in Australia, but I imagine that someday that point will come.

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